helps you reach your goals with the I.M.P.A.C.T. strategy and develops customized training and coaching for professionals, experts and leaders who want to use new technologies effectively for working, learning, leading and communicating.


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Strategy Consulting

Whether you want to use online video, webcasts and webinars for communication, learning or marketing, our consultants will help you to achieve your goals using the I.M.P.A.C.T. model.


The I.M.P.A.C.T. model has been developed by Sandra De Milliano, author of the ‘Webinar with I.M.P.A.C.T. whitepaper’, and describes the 6 essential steps for results and return with webinars and interactive videos.


For long-term projects involving digital transformation and innovation we are happy to provide an inhouse consultant or interim manager to help you out.

Some recent consulting projects

stakeholders communication with studiowebinars in times of change,

learning innovation with blended learning,

community building with an interactive video platform,

content marketing with webinars,

lms and mms consulting for a digital academy set-up,

employer branding on social media,

blended communication for onboarding,

optimize learning strategy with flipped trainings,

go to market with digital learnings, expert branding for a consulting firm

Skills Training & Coaching

Our trainers develop customized skills trainings for professionals, experts and leaders who want to make use of new technologies in an effective and professional way.

Some recent training and coaching projects

cameratraining for video presenters,

train-the-trainer for blended and flipped learning,

scriptcoaching for vloggers,

online meeting skills for virtual leaders,

write an interactive webinar scenario,

online training design,

webinar presenters training,

online content creation,

Selfiedeo training (getting started with mobile video),

start-to-blend for l&d managers

Technology Training & Coaching

Our experienced experts teach your staff how to use consumer and professional equipment for digital and audiovisual content creation (both beginner and expert level).

Some recent workshops

how to film with a professional camera,

starting with multicamera recording,

digital video basics,

make a video with your ipad,

live studio broadcasting,

using skype for webinars,

make a whitepaper,

creating elearnings,

make a blog,

professional editing and post-production with Adobe Première,

real-time recording with Ubicast Studio,

online video publishing,

set-up your media management system,

start your corporate tv-channel

Contact WebinarAcademy

Sandra De Milliano +32 476 79 92 81