Our technology consultants have tested and experimented with the most common professional streaming hardware & software, managing systems & platforms.


They all come with different strengths, challenges and limitations.


Our consultants are happy to help you find and enroll the most suited solution for your needs. Always taking into account your specific objectives and strategy, IT requirements and budget.



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Welcome at WebinarSolutions
Juni 13, 2018
Have a look behind the scenes at WebinarSolutions. Looking forward to meeting you in person.  
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Your checklist for a successful webinar experience
April 20, 2018
The webinar is a very powerful online marketing technique. It’s the ideal tool to share knowledge or information or even to sell your product. Due to the high level of int
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How to use a webinar for learning
April 20, 2018
The webinar is also a very effective tool for training and education. Below you’ll read the power of webinar and how use it optimally for learning.   The power of web
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