5 Tips that will get you more conversion with your webinar

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5 Tips that will get you more conversion with your webinar

To organize a webinar or online seminar is one thing, but getting people to participate is something entirely different. That’s why we give you 5 tips that will get you more conversion with your webinar.


  1. Adapt your promotional mix to your target audience


It is of great importance to determine in advance who your target group is before you choose which channels you will use to distribute your webinar. The channels that yield the highest return are your own website, a newsletter but the most important one is email. Social media, banners or search engine marketing make a smaller contribution to the amount of subscribers. Our advice is to invest about 80 % of your effort and time on the first group and just 20 % on the latter. Email should be a dominant force in your promotional mix.


  1. Think carefully about your email invitation


One of the most important things in email is your subject line, it has to be designed so it triggers people to read your email. It has to be inviting and has to make the receiver curious. The receiver would also like to know what’s the benefit of opening your email. Tell him what’s in it for him. Make sure the subject line is not to long though. Don’t use more than 50 characters, and for mobile you can best limit it to 30.

Another important aspect is timing. The standard is about three mails in three weeks. The best days to send your email are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The layout of your mail is also something that you need to think about very carefully.


  1. Create a killer landing page


Only 4 % of the people who end up on your landing page will also register for your webinar. Try your best to increase this conversion. Many people are somewhat interested in your webinar but the registration remains an extra barrier. Try to put the main focus on registrations, do not give too much unnecessary info or details. Keep your goal in mind, and that goal is conversion. Design your landing page like this:


  1. Send notification emails


Tis way you keep giving your target audience reminders and urgency. Systematically keeping your target audience posted will automatically result in more conversion. When someone signs up, don’t forget to send him a confirmation email. Thank him for leaving his personal information and his registration. Then you send a number of reminder emails to keep the person in question informed. Send one a week before, a day before and last but not least send one a few hours before the start of your webinar. This way of working results in a greater attendance. After the webinar it’s best to send a follow up email to the viewer, but also to the people who did not get to watch. So the latter can watch your webinar afterwards. So be sure to promote your on demand webinar. It is highly recommended to send your follow up email inside 24 hours after your live broadcast.


  1. Treat your audience with an extra giveaway


Offer your target audience something extra. For example, give away a free handbook or e-book. You can also lure your audience by promoting a famous speaker or expert in a certain subject. These are extra triggers for your target audience to participate with your webinar.