Inhouse video expert

In this modular program you learn how to use and create videos and webinars for learning and communication.

The certified program consists of different hands-on training modules. In each module you are expected to practice and make a specifc type of video.

Modules can be customized for incompany training.


The training consists of 6 modules, certification included.

Module 1: Selfiedeo, make a video with your mobile

(2 sessions)

  • Introduction to video
  • Overview video types and when to use which type
  • Getting started with simple tools
  • Get the best out of your camera
  • Tips for using Selfiedeo effectively
  • Write a selfiedeo script
  • About colours, background, sound, light, props…
  • Selfiedeo pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Quick publish your videos
  • Film your own Selfiedeo with your mobile or consumer camera
  • Best video practices



Module 2: How to make a screencast video

(2 sessions)

  • 3 types of screencast videos
  • Tips for using screencast videos effectively
  • Prepare and make the scenario
  • Guidelines for designing slides and powerpoint show
  • Make a software demo video
  • How to present your story in the webcam
  • Narration and using your voice
  • Make your own video with screencasting software and webcam
  • Do’s and don’t’s for making a screencast video
  • Best practices



Module 3: How to make a whiteboard animation

(2 sessions)

  • Tips for using whiteboard animation effectively
  • Do’s and don’ts for making a whiteboard animation
  • Storytelling and how to develop your story
  • Using visualizations and symbols
  • Make your own drawings
  • How to write a script for voice-over
  • Reading tips for voice-over
  • Animate your own video using whiteboard animation software
  • Best video practices



Module 4: How to make an instruction video

(3 sessions)

  • Preparation tips for a smooth production
  • Video production team and roles
  • Best and worst practices
  • Show en tell video with the expert
  • Do’s & dont’s video with actors
  • Interviewing an expert
  • Write a scenario
  • Set the scene
  • Choosing 1 camera or multi camera
  • Adjust your camera settings manually
  • Record your video
  • Edit your video wth computer sofware



Module 5: How to make an interactive MOOC, COOC or SPOC in studio

(2 sessions)

  • Make a scenario and script for an interactive mooc, cooc or spoc production
  • Tips for organizing a smooth shoot
  • Behind the cameras, crew and roles
  • How to hold the attention using interaction and variety
  • Working with questions, polls, quizes, chat,…
  • How to present in camera
  • How to interview an expert in studio
  • Working with or without autocue




Module 6: Certification Video Learning Expert

(2 dagdelen)

  • 6 online feedback coachings
  • 3 hours studio recording
  • Certification assessment




Voor wie


CEO’s, managers, ondernemers, experten, trainers, professionals… die professioneel willen communiceren met een online publiek via webinar en/of interactieve video.