Become an expert at presenting webinars in 3 easy steps

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Become an expert at presenting webinars in 3 easy steps

Are you uncomfortable in front of cameras? Do you ask yourself if you look good on screen? Are you afraid of blackouts or unexpected questions during a webinar? The following tips will help you conquer your fears, so you won’t mess up your next webinar.

The three keys to success:

  1. Build a relationship with your viewers
  2. Keep the attention of your audience
  3. Grow confidence and relax


Build a relationship with your viewers


“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt.

Build a relationship with your viewers. This is really important. You shouldn’t see a webinar as just a way of transferring content but see it as a conversation you engage with your viewers. We give you some tips that can help you below:

  1. Let the viewer get to know you: Position yourself as an expert, show commitment to the subject, be personal and prepare an intro text.
  2. Create eye contact: look friendly and pretend you are talking to a person instead of a camera.
  3. Tune in to your viewer: Consider the knowledge level, language use, tempo and the tone of voice.
  4. Respond positively to questions: Be enthusiastic about reactions and encourage more questions.


Hold attention


Viewers tend to leave more often when they think the speaker is boring. So how can you keep your audience interested?

  1. Provide interesting content: ask the viewer what he wants to know or what he wants to learn about. Try to capture their needs in advance and keep it into account when preparing your presentation.
  2. Put a clear structure to your presentation: make it crystal clear with a clear structure and slides with text.
  3. Stimulate curiosity: make certain promises and make them true, respond to opportunities and use cliffhangers.
  4. Interact with your viewer: use polls, open questions, give explanations, thank them, inspire and stimulate them.
  5. Intersperse: watch your expression, intonation, tempo. Use visuals and always try to surprise your viewer.


Develop self-confidence and relax


  • Practice: don’t learn texts by heart, learn the headlines, practice until you fully control the content, prepare for uneasy questions
  • Be on time: ensure you have enough time for a final rehearsal, to get used to it and settle, this will ensure peace and relaxation.
  • Focus on your body: let go of the content, relax, go for a walk outside. Do not continue to rehearse until the last moment because that will lock your brain and reduce your thinking ability.
  • Think positive: Yes I can! Encourage yourself with quotes or peptalks.


So build a relationship with your viewer, keep it interesting and relax. With the help of these tips your next webinar will be relaxed and smooth.