Take your digital mindset, knowledge and skills to the next level with a multi-modular certification program, individual coaching or blended training for speakers & trainers, learning & communication professionals, leaders & entrepreneurs, for both beginner level and expert level.

Going digital is fun, no wonder some of our keynotes and workshops are used for teambuilding, management retreats and events.

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Most popular coachings:

  • Script & speech coaching for video recording and live webinar
  • Camera coaching for video recording, live webinar or hybrid event
  • Keynote speaker coaching for webcast or hybrid
  • Storyline and storyboard coaching for effective video communication


Most popular certification programs:

  • professional webinar presenter & host
  • train-the-blended-trainer
  • digital video reporter
  • instructional designer
  • blended learning innovator
  • successful keynote speaker


Most popular in company trainings:

  • How to organize and present a webinar with impact
  • Selfiedeo, make a professional looking video with your mobile
  • Brain based learning and how to create an engaging digital learning
  • Visual storytelling, create and draw your visuals for flipover or slides
  • Inspire with your keynote in TED-style
  • Getting started with screen recording and whiteboard animation
  • Record a MOOC, COOC or SPOC in studio
  • Look professional on video with the right make-up & styling
  • Setting up a corporate video portal and media server
  • Make your own 360° video or basic virtual reality application

Most popular keynotes:

  • How to organize and present a webinar with impact
  • Your Corporate YouTube – why it’s time to deploy your own
  • Video communication for employee engagement
  • Learning innovation and the blended learning toolbox
  • Branding myths and recipes


Most popular for teambuilding & management retreats:

  • Make your vision board for more impact with digital & blended approach
  • A taste of innovative tools with virtual reality, webinar, hologram, 360,…
  • Visual presentation with pen and paper
  • Inspire and convince with your story on camera
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