Get more return from your event with event streaming

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Get more return from your event with event streaming



An event stream is a live broadcast of a physical event. With an event with about 100 attendees you can easily reach thousands of people just by streaming it. You can watch such a stream at home on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV or laptop. It’s also a possibility to watch it on-demand, after the event has passed. You can even share this on-demand version on social media. This way all knowledge can be maintained.




It’s a great tool to share knowledge, you also reach more participants and you deliver a distinctive service.

There’s a trend called ‘the new way of working’. It means people aren’t always at their office and work online or at home more often than not. So, to keep these people involved you can use an event stream.

There are some good financial reasons to stream your event as well. Companies try to reduce travel and accommodation costs by livestreaming their events. By the way, high end event streams are very much affordable today.

Another reason to go live is that your employees absorb much more information when they’re shown a video. They’re also much more eager to watch a video rather than reading a document or email. The chances they watch your video are up to 75 % higher.

And last but not least there will always be reasons why people can’t attend your live event. That’s why it’s clever to livestream your event.




What’s the message you want to deliver and how would you deliver it? This is the very first question you have to ask yourself.

Registration is the next step. From this moment on you can communicate with your viewers. Keep your subscribers informed of developments, upcoming events or streams etcetera. Be sure you send enough notifications.

Then your livestream starts. Always ensure a good, stable internet connection. It’s of great importance that your upload speed is at least 5 mb/s and that your ports are open so you can send your stream and people also really receive it.

Sometimes it’s good to offer your livestream on demand. That makes it possible for viewers to watch it afterwards and to choose or skip the parts that are more or less relevant for them. It’s also possible to share these fragments with other people on social media. The video or livestream can be embedded on whichever webpage you choose.


Types of events


There are many different types of events where it’s recommended to broadcast it live. The goal always differs depending on the type of event. A few examples below:

  • Award ceremony: At events like this there’s often a limited capacity. With a livestream everyone can watch and experience the award ceremony like they’re really there.
  • Congress: There are always reasons why people can’t come to a congress. That’s why it’s useful to watch it on demand and to be able to choose which parts are most relevant for the viewer.
  • International productions: It’s possible to translate simultaneously and to receive the stream in the preferred language.
  • Live surgery: you can watch on demand and evaluate and even give your own input.
  • Opening ceremonies: A live stream is useful because of course you want to reach as many people as possible.
  • Product presentations: You can reach and seduce prospects by letting them watch your stream.
  • Sports events: You can’t attend all stages of a sports event, so a live stream can come in handy.




The costs have been drastically reduced in recent years. You have a high end event stream from 1.250 euros, VAT and audiovisual regulation costs. In the case of an intern event for instance, when you have to send your employees to a physical gathering you’ll easily pay more for sure. In addition more knowledge will be retained.




Video is getting more and more important when it comes to communication. There are countless reasons to invest in this. You reach many more participants, the message you want to deliver is being remembered, knowledge can be retained, etcetera. Also, the costs of a hybrid event have been drastically reduced in recent years. Due to these reasons you don’t have to doubt any moment to invest in video.