Present your webinar like a pro.

Presenting a webinar on camera is very different from doing a training or a presentation in front of a live audience. If you want to have impact with your story, your content  must be translated into the format of a webinar. Your buildup and timing should be different. It also requires a new skillset to present a webinar on camera and to keep the attention of the online audience.

Choose the formula that suits you

Are you looking for effective ways to use webinars for learning, communication or marketing? There is a suited formula for everyone. Pick and choose.

Direct Coaching

Are you looking for useful tips when preparing your next webinar? Or would you like feedback on your script?

Selfwebinar Presenter

Do you want to impact with your webinar? Are you ready to present your selfwebinar using a webcam?

Studio Webinar Presenter

Do you want to impress with a professional webinar? This is how you present a webinar in professional WebinarStudio.