What is a Webinar, webcast and screencast?

A webinar (or online seminar) is real-time recording or live streaming with an on-screen speaker addressing an online audience using slides or other visuals. For best interaction some tools are used such as polls, surveys, chat, call-to-action links, twitter wall and other widgets. A professional webinar coach or webinar producer helps the speaker with the structure of the presentation, the design of the visuals and camera presentation skills for maximum engagement with the online participants. In a professional setting there might be more than one speaker, a webinar host and a team of moderators who are handling incoming questions and reactions from the viewers.

A webcast is the real-time recording or live streaming of a speaker who is addressing an audience that is physically present. With some minor adjustments a keynote presentation can easily be transformed into a hybrid event that also appeals to the online audience. A coach can help the speaker to adjust his story, use some interaction tools and master camera presentation skills for maximum online engagement.

A screencast or screenrecording is a real-time recording or live broadcast showing the screen while hearing the voice of the speaker. As there is no presenter on screen, visualizations and interactions are key to attract and hold attention. A script coach can help you with this.

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