Your checklist for a successful webinar experience


Your checklist for a successful webinar experience

The webinar is a very powerful online marketing technique. It’s the ideal tool to share knowledge or information or even to sell your product. Due to the high level of interaction, your target group will be much more closely involved and will absorb a lot more information. But what do you have to pay attention to when presenting a webinar? We have composed a checklist below, so you can start your webinar presentation full of confidence and you don’t miss anything.


Before the webinar


Choose the right webinar software


You can choose from a wide range of softwares for your webinar. Each software has its own pros and cons.


Provide a stable internet connection


You’re broadcasting something live so it’s of utmost importance you have a good upload speed. Be sure your upload speed is at least 5 mb/s. Today just about every internet connection can handle this so do not worry too much about it. Make sure you install somewhere your internet connection is not likely to fail. Finally it is also recommended to use a LAN cable rather than relying blindly on your wifi connection.


Fulfil the needs of your target audience, be relevant


Offer the viewer information or knowledge that is as relevant as possible to him. Try to capture the viewers needs in advance, ask what he wants to know or learn. Do not limit yourself to dry sales pitch, this will cause the viewer to lose interest.


Take care of the preparation


Before you can start your presentation you have to make sure your slides are ready. Put enough variety in your presentation to get your viewer hooked. It’s always a good idea to have some rehearsals before you go live, so you’re well prepared. Do this with a PowerPoint presentation and practice your speaking and body language. Also be sure that you’re prepared for annoying questions or possible problematics. Finally it’s also important to test the software you will be using before you go live.


Sign up page


An attractive and compelling landing page is also very important. Try to give a great first impression with your landing page, because this page has to ensure that people really want to register. There are various tools to design such a landing page. We can recommend you, a tool that works with an easy to use drag and drop system.


Thank you page


Simply thank your viewers with a thank you page or email. Give them the confirmation that they registered and give them some information about what is to happen. Be as personal as possible and call your viewers by their names. You can also make this page work for you. For instance, you can urge your audience to share your webinar on social media. And maybe offer them some extra advantage.


Confirmation email


Remind them once more when the webinar will take place and request kindly to put this appointment in their agenda. It is of course the intention that the largest possible part of the registered people actually show up for your webinar.


Reminder email


Remind the people who registered that the webinar is soon to be held. Write your email in a way so the reader really doesn’t want to miss out. Highlight the benefits of following your webinar live.


During the webinar


Close all programs you don’t need


When you do this the chances that your computer and internet connection perform optimally will increase significantly. Make sure that you turn off email notifications etcetera, so they won’t interrupt your presentation.


Put your smartphone away


You don’t want to get called or disturbed in any way by your smartphone. Put is as far as possible so you cannot be troubled by it. Your smartphone can only provide noise and distraction during the live presentation.




One of the best things about a webinar is the possibility to interact with your viewer. By involving your viewer in the subject and for example ask questions, he’ll feel much more involved and therefore remember much more of the info you share with him.


Private chat or open chat?


You can opt for an open chat if you don’t have more than 100 participants. If you have more it’s recommended to choose the private chat function. Participants can ask questions that can be answered immediately. Of course with the private chat it’s not possible for the participants to see the questions of others. We recommend to use the private chat so you can monitor what is or is not said.


Provide a host


The host is someone who guides the live broadcast and leads it in the right direction. He introduces the speakers and welcomes the viewers. He also asks questions to the viewers and afterwards he shows the results of a poll for example. By making use of a host your live broadcast will look and feel much better organised into the viewers eye.


Stay hydrated


It may seem a futility but be sure you have a glass of water within your reach. After an hour of talking I guarantee you will get thirsty and your throat will dry out.




Don’t stress too much and just have fun while doing your presentation. Don’t be too afraid to make mistakes or make a slip of the tongue. This is completely human and on top of that the viewer will most likely not even care. If you’re well enough prepared you don’t have to worry about anything and you can start your webinar in a relaxed atmosphere.


After the webinar


Thank your participants


Thank your participants for their cooperation and provide them with information about your next webinar. You can also ask for a review. Their critical reactions can help you to optimize the webinars you’ll be organizing in the future.


Invite the absentees once again and give them the chance to watch on demand


Send the people who registered but didn’t get to watch your stream a new invitation for the next live webinar. Or offer them a link so they can watch the webinar they have missed afterwards.


Share info about the upcoming webinar


After your webinar has passed you can immediately start communicating your next one. Use as many channels as possible. But always keep in mind that email is the most effective tool.

If you’ve checked off all the elements on this list there’s not much that can go wrong really. You can now broadcast a webinar without any stress. In case you need any more information or expertise, don’t hesitate to visit our website. WebinarSolutions is well experienced in broadcasting webinars and in coaching speakers and so on. Follow us on Facebook to stay informed of the newest developments and useful knowledge concerning webinars.